Buy The Album When I Drop It: A Dei 2 Kil - Lupus Dei (Produced by Kil)

Posted On Wednesday, December 11, 2019

A minute ago on twitter I said that if I'm doing a project with a MC and I have to do all of the beats, mix all of the songs, design the album cover, shoot the videos, edit those videos AND promote the album then we're splitting the profits 80/20 and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan did MC's lose their F&$KING minds! But throughout all of the BS mu guy Lupus stepped to me like "I think we'd be able to cook up something dope together and I'll do the 80/20 split." And just like we've got "A Dei 2 Kil" cooked up for ya'll and trust me when I tell ya'll this jawn is BANANAS! And for all of the folk who lost their natural born minds over the 80/20 split ya'll will be happy to know Dei handled his end of the BI with this album so we're spitting the profits 50/50.

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