The Year of Griselda 2019 Mixtape

Posted On Friday, December 13, 2019

Last year I put together my "Year of Griselda" mixtape to salute my fave crew in the game's contribution to one of the reasons 2018 was such a DOOOOOOPE year for hip hop. And anybody who thought Griselda's run was gonna slow down in 2019 must be on that 80's Reagan crack cause with Benny's "The Plugs I Met", Conway's "Everybody Is Food 3" and "Look What I Became", West's "Flygod Is An Awesome God" and "Hitler Wears Hermes 7" and their Shadey debut "WWCD" ya'll should already know ya'll were getting ANOTHER "Year of Griselda" mixtape! Yeah...and ya'll can thank me later!

Sensational Sherri
Chef Dreds
Crown For Kings
Freddie Hot Spot
Broadway Joes
Dirty Harry
Took The Money To The Plugs House
Sunday School
Lucha Bros
Dr.  Birds
Size 42
Tito's Bacl
18 Wheeler
Pete's Sake
Bang (Remix)
Kool G
May Store
Cruiser Weight Coke
London Pound
Half Of It
5 to 50
Lakers vs. Rockets

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