Secret Wars: Batman & Robin Eternal

Posted On Wednesday, January 20, 2016

By now you should all know that I despise this new Batman series DC has on tap where Batman dies fighting the Joker but then Bruce Wayne pops back up but doesn't remember that he was Batman and now Commissioner Gordon (who has to be at least 190 years old) is the new Batman who fights crime in a Batman robotic suit a la Iron Man. Sounds wack right? Well it is. So, even though I despise this new Batman series, dude is still one of my fave super heroes. So when I came across this new Batman & Robin Eternal comic, I copped it hoping we'd be back to rocking with the old Bruce Wayne/Damian Wayne Batman & Robin storyline but guess what? No haps. This series deals with the same wack senior citizen Batman meets Iron man, Bruce Wayne has amnesia storyline BUT I won't hold you, I love how Scott Snyder & James Tynion freaked that wack ass storyline into something really dope!

This Batman & Robin Eternal storyline deals with all 3 of the past Robin, Dick Grayson aka Nightwing (the 1st Robin), Jason Todd aka Red Hood (the 2nd Robin) and Tim Drake aka Red Robin (the 3rd Robin) all linking up in Gotham City to try to figure out what's going on with Bruce. But while Dick (who is now a super spy who spies on super heroes) is at a grand opening event of Gotham University's Tower of Enlightenment which happens to be the same location that him and Batman rumbled the Scarecrow for the first time years ago, a group of kids try to kill him. Dick escapes & gets to the van where his super spy partner is waiting for him only for shorty to pull out on him & starts letting off but not before she says "Mother says hello." Of course Dick escapes because he's Nightwing but ends up catching a beat down from a shorty who doesn't say anything but "mother" before giving him a jump drive that Dick says Batman used to give him.

Back at the ranch aka the Batcave, Dick puts the jump drive in the Bat computer and sees "Mother's Children Must Be Terminated Before Phase 3" and sees a list of names including his own, Jason's and Tim's and then a Batman hologram comes to life basically telling Dick that he's has failed them all and that he gave the jump drive to Cassanndra Cain aka the chick who whupped him in case something happened to him. He goes on to warn Dick about how ILL Mother is and that anybody & everybody could be under her spell...even those closest to him. Batman goes on to tell Dick that's Mother is his greatest sin and his deepest regret and for Dick to stay alive and forgive him. Which has Dick questioning what the hell did Bruce do? Which is why I think this series is so ill because first things first, Dick doesn't know who he can trust. Especially the other Robins and since Bruce Wayne doesn't remember anything, he's no help. So how is Dick gonna solve the mystery of who is Mother and what hold does she have over Batman? That right there, is one of the dopest question of the year.

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