Buy The Album When I Drop It: Through the Wire (Produced by Kil)

Posted On Thursday, February 12, 2015

4 years ago I dropped my first produced project called "Through the Wire" which mixed two of my loves together...hip hop and the greatest television show EVER, HBO's The Wire. It's a mixture of my beats and dialogue from the show and when the project first dropped it got A LOT of love and actually gave it 5 mics! ("and I ain't have to torture they ass nither"...that's a quote from Omar for ya'll non Wire folk out there) And if listening to just beats ain't your thing, don't worry cause I've also got songs from 7 of the MC's on my team on here too. Check it out, download it for FREE and as always, if you rock with it pass it on to other cats to keep helping me get my music out there! As always, good looking for all of the support!

Also, one of the dopest things I LOVED about The Wire was when at the beginning of every episode they had a quote to set off the show. So when I dropped it 4 years ago, everyday for the month of February I had 28 my Wire quote of the day where I would have a certain scene from The Wire mixed with one of my beats. So check out some of them below...

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