They Reminisce: Tark the Shark

Posted On Thursday, February 12, 2015

Maaaaan...first Dean Smith passes and now my dude Tark the Shark? And when I tell ya'll that Jerry Tarkanian was my dude...I MEAN he was my dude! Now even though I wasn't watching college hoops like that in the early 90's when UNLV was wreaking havoc in the desert, that Running Rebels name still rang out to me anyway. Hell, I remember there was a crew outta Philly called UNLV (United Niggas of Logan Valley) that used to wreak havoc all over Philly too...but in a different way tho. Plus, anybody who can not only beat Duke for the chip but blow them out by 30 is ALWAYS gonna be good money for me.  The other thing that always rang out about Tark for me was that he was always giving chances to athletes that nobody else would touch. And even though cats always think UNLV when they bring up Tark's name ya'll can't forget about his time out in Fresno where he was coaching my dude Skip (aka Rafer Alston) outta Queens and my dude who just had a dope 30 for 30 special on him, Chris Herren. Not to mention he not only rumbled with the big boys of the NCAA but he actually got 2.5 mil outta those cats for harassment! But at the end of the day, no matter how you remember the Tark, the moral is not only did we lose a great mind on the sidelines but we lost an all around good dude. Salute!

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