Secret Wars: The Amazing X Men

Posted On Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ya'll already know how I feel about 20 different comics featuring the same squad (The Uncanny X Men, All New X Men, Spiderman & The X Men, Amazing X Men, X Men, etc. and that's just the X Men titles) and if you don't know, in a nut shell I think it's wack. I mean, I get it you gotta get your money but do we REALLY need 9 different X Men comics? Nah, not in my book you don't. But since this is my favorite super hero squad, I'm always poking my nose into all of these titles to see which ones stick. I was diggin' the storyline of the All New X Men even though it follows the age old storyline of going back in time to warn the past characters about the what the future's gonna bring blah, blah, blah but for some reason it stuck with me. So since I got that one under my belt (along with Spiderman & the X Men too) I figured I'd dive into this Amazing X Men title to see what's good with this jawn. The thing that caught my eye about this title was the story deals a lot with Nightcrawler. Now, back when I was a shorty I never liked Nightcrawler. I always felt like he was the weak link of the team cause in a nutshell, dude is a blue demon...who speaks German and can disappear. Yeah, like those are some DOPE powers to have. But as I got older, I started to rock with dude a lil more. I guess it was me maturing and realizing that everybody on your squad doesn't have to be Wolverine or Cololsus  and that there's always a spot for the "Nightcrawlers." Dude is like the ill 6th man on your team and everybody knows you're not winning the chip without that 6th man and I get that now.

Now, the bugged thing is that now that I FINALLY rock with Nightcrawler...he dies. Yup, money is dead. But keep in mind this is the wonderful world of comic books where you're dead one minute and alive the next. And that's KINDA what's happening here. See, Nightcrawler's dead but he's chillin' in heaven but dude ain't happy cause he feels like he has one more chapter left in the game of life. Then outta nowhere some pirates (yup, I said pirates like in those Johnny Depp flicks) pop up ( heaven) and Nightcrawler has to rumble them and he eventually realizes they're down with his pop Azazel who pops into heaven too. After these two go at it for a minute, Azazel eventually disappears leaving Nightcrawler wanting to finish the fight but again...he's stuck in heaven. Now back on earth Firestar is starting her job as a teacher at the Jean Grae while Beast is trying to exterminate these Bamfs (midget blue Nightcrawler looking demons) that are all over the school only to find out they're getting into the school through a portal and eventually the portal pulls Northstar (who is this dude?) and Wolverine to heaven and Storm, Firestar and Iceman to hell (yeah, Iceman in hell ain't gonna last long) where they have to rumble...pirates. So, to run this back, Wolverine & some dude are in heaven. Storm, Firestar & Iceman and eventually Nightcrawler pops up...and they're all fighting...pirates?!?!?! Yeah, let's see where this one goes...smdh.

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