Secret Wars: The Death of Wolverine

Posted On Sunday, September 14, 2014

Anybody who's been rocking with me knows that for the last couple of years I haven't been feeling too many of Marvel's new titles. Whether it was the Avengers vs. The X Men or the new Original Sin series and 80% of everything else in between the two, let's just say Marvel is really looking like Busy Bee and DC is REALLY looking like Kool Moe Dee back in '83. It's to the point that the bulk of the comics I read now are DC titles. So with me and Marvel on the outs, when word got to ear about their newest title "The Death of Wolverine" even though it deals with my favorite super hero EVER it didn't matter...I wasn't moved at all. In fact I thought it was corny that they're basically telling us that you're gonna kill off the main character. I mean, who does that? Could you imagine David Simon naming an ep of The Wire "The Death of Omar?" Nope...cause that would be wack. But with all of the subpar work marvel has been putting out, wack is right up their alley. 

So going into this series, I'm already thinking this is gonna be a waste of time. To the point that I had the 1st issue sitting around on my ipad for weeks and didn't even think to read it. It literally took a night when I was caught up on ALL of my TV series and there was nuthin' on cable but an old Cavs/Bulls game from 2010 (I totally forgot Vinny Del Negro used to coach the Bulls) for me to even THINK about sparking it. Now, unless you're not in these comic streets like that, then you already know that Logan has lost his healing factor which basically means it's game over for dude. This is another reason why I figured the series would be wack because of course if a hero loses their power it's gonna be the start of their ending for them but I won't hold you, this series sets off like Jeru did on "Come Clean" cause from the 1st page I was hooked.

I think the thing that got me from the door was that the series seems to be more about Logan's character as a man than anything else. And that alone is what has me hooked. I blew through the first two issues (it's a four issue series) in what felt like seconds and now I'm actually pissed that there are only two issues left. And I can't front, another reason I wasn't excited about this series is because it deals with the death of my favorite comic character. And even though comics are worst then soap operas when it comes to someone actually's still the principle. But unless Marvel TOTALLY drops the ball with these last two issues, the Death of Wolverine might just prove that Marvel still has sumthin left in the chamber. 

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