Marriage Exposed with Dr. Roz & Kil: Are Athletes Who Play Violent Sports More Prone To Being Abusive?

Posted On Thursday, September 11, 2014

A lot of cats who come through here have no idea that I do relationship/marriage coaching and have been doing it for over 5 years. Me and my homegirl Dr. Roz have our website Marriage Exposed and I've been writing for Black Married with Kids for a minute so I gotta say I'm kinda nice at what I do. I kept that part of my life separate 'round here cause I figured cats coming wouldn't wanna hear that hoopla. But the more I link with cats who come through, I realize that a lot of dudes are married or in serious relationships with kids living the family life but who still love hip hop. So, a minute ago I starting posting my Miseducation articles and recently me and Roz started doing a roundtable discussion on relationship/marriage topics similar to The Writer's Bench so I figured I might as well start posting those too. So check out our first show where we're chopping it up about are athletes who play violent sports like football and boxing more prone to being abusive because of the nature of their sport. Just the beginning of many more convos to come.

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