Who's The Best MC? Biggie, Jay Z or Nas...#8

Posted On Monday, January 28, 2013

With the #8 pick of my top 20 of MC's EVER list goes to the Abstract Poet Incognito, Q Tip. This is another one of those picks that you're either all in with me or you think I'm out of mind but for the cats who think I'm out of my mind, check out the facts. Tip has been spitting some of the illest rhymes we've EVER heard since '88 with his first appearence on Jungle's "Black Is Black" and "The Promo" and money's STILL relevant 14 years later. And when you really think about it, this dude never really "fell off." Wanna dig into Tip's discography? Tip's got a very, very, very dope album, 2 CLASSIC albums, 1 good and 2 dope albums under his belt. (and I'm not even including his 2 albums "Live At the Renaissance" and "Kamal the Abstract that got shelved) Wanna talk about Tip's influence on the game? He's lead a movement that has opened the door and help spawn a whole new generation of MCs and groups like The Roots, Little Brother, Pharell, Kid Cudi and some cat named Kanye West to name a few. Tip EASILY has one of the best voices in hip hop EVER and truth be told, I don't know if this dude has EVER spit a wack verse. Not to mention this dude has been featured by other artist on over 60+ songs throughout the years and not just in hip hop but across ALL genres of music. Now what MC in YOUR top 10 that you feel deserves this spot over Tip can say that? I'll wait...

My Favorite Q Tip Quotable:
"I be hatin sucka MC's, and the sucka niggas
Posing like they hard when we know they damn card
What you figure, rhyme-wise, I do the figure eight
So concisely, musically we are the herb so sit back
And light me, inhale
My style is kinda fat reminescent of a whale
Young girls desires for the females dreams
I be the Abstract Poetic representin from Queens
Socially I'm not a name, black and white got game
If you came to the jam, well I'm glad you came
See, nigga first was used back in the Deep South
Fallin out between the dome of the white man's mouth
It means that we will never grow, you know the word dummy
Other niggas in the community think it's crummy
But I don't, neither does the youth cause we
Em-brace adversity it goes right with the race
And being that we use it as a term of endearment
Niggas start to bug to the dome is where the fear went
Now the little shorties say it all of the time
And a whole bunch of niggas throw the word in they rhyme
Yo I start to flinch, as I try not to say it
But my lips is like the oowop as I start to spray it
My lips is like a oowop as I start to spray it
My lips is like a oowop as I start to spray it."

"Sucka Nigga" - A Tribe Called Quest

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