Classic Material: My Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West

Posted On Monday, January 28, 2013

Kanye is a musical genius and there's NOTHING anyone can tell me differently. And his latest release "My Dark Twisted Fantasy" just helps to prove my point. This dude is the only one in the game in my opinion who still hustles like he's unsigned. I mean, dude is a one man record label. This dude writes rhymes, make beats, promote like crazy, comes up with the concepts for his own videos, etc. And speaking of promotions, the whole "Good Friday" jawns had the entire internet waiting around all week to see what gem 'Ye was gonna drop (and don't front like ya'll wasn't) and had EVERYBODY from Timbaland to Swizz Beatz trying to do a "Monster Monday" or "Timbaland Tuesday." And just peeping his story of recording "MDTF" in Complex had me amazed. It was like dude was running a boot camp over in Hawaii! While the average artist of 'Ye's caliber (and it ain't many) doesn't even wanna go in the studio, 'Ye is in the studio 24 hours a day! And to me, that's just ANOTHER reason why 'Ye has been the most important MC over the last 12 years. Check this out to find out the other reasons...

Now back to the album, the thing I enjoyed most about "MDTF" was how even though 'Ye is one of the biggest pop artist in the world this album is MUCH more hip hop than it was pop. (unlike "Watch the Throne" which was the EXACT opposite) And you can tell that as soon as the Rza produced "Dark Fantasy" drops to set the album off. I mean how many pop stars are gonna have Raekwon the Chef on their album? None except 'Ye. And whether it's Ye's 2 posse cuts (pop stars have posse cuts?) with "Monster" (that actually showed me that Nicki Minaj can actually rhyme) and "So Appalled", the drums on "Power" or Bink lacing 'Ye with my favorite beat since "Hector was a pup" (a saying my moms always said) for "Devil In A New Dress" there's NO way you can't say this album isn't hip hop. And even when the album has it's "pop" moments with "All of The Lights" the song is still a BANGER! And don't get me started on the "Blame Game"...I mean, who else in hip hop (except Joe Budden) lets you into their life like 'Ye does? The song makes you feel like a fly on the wall while "Ye and Amber (and Chris Rock) break up right in front of our faces. Who does that? And trust, I'm not giving "MDTF" 5 mics cause 'Ye does stuff that other rappers/pop stars don't (but that does play a role) but because it's a dope album with REALLY good songs. And I think that's one thing cats fail to realize in making a album nowadays. It's not just about rhyming over a beat but actually making "songs" and that's one thing that 'Ye has perfected. And making good songs is what separates 4 mic albums from 5 mic albums. 'Nuff said.

My favorite song on the album is EASILY "Devil In A New Dress" cause this beat is just SICKENING and the way Ross comes in on this don't make NO sense...

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