The Promo: K Fanat's Renaissance Musician Video - Directed by Kil

Posted On Monday, January 28, 2013 this jawn right here is REAL special to me. Not just because K is my dude or because I produced the track but because I directed the video! Now, that may not sound amazing to you but it's amazing to me because I don't know how to direct videos! But when you're like me and you live by my motto of "one monkey don't stop no show" and cats front on you for shooting videos or wanna charge you like they're Hype Williams (and they're not), you'll learn how to shoot videos yourself too. So throughout this process of producing 9 albums that'll be dropping this year (yup, 9 albums) I've gone from just being a producer, to being an engineer, a web designer, a photographer, a promoter and now a videographer. And the dope thing about wearing all of these hats is now that I know how to do it, I don't have to come outta pocket to pay anybody else to do it for me. It's like once you learn how to change your car's oil, I'm sure you're never going back to Midas and paying $35 to get someone else to do it. And you'll probably be kicking yourself for all those years you were paying $35 to get it done! And that's how I feel right about now. And outta everything that I've done with my music, my writings and me and Roz's marriage work, this video right here, this is the thing I'm the most proud of myself for. And that's because I can make beats, write and talk about marriage with my eyes closed but like I said I came into shooting this video with absolutely NO idea of what I was doing. And to be honest, I think the jawn came out pretty dope, what ya'll think?

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