The Year of Griselda 2020

Posted On Friday, December 18, 2020


What started out as what I thought was just gonna be a one shot mixtape saluting Griselda for what a CRAZY year they had in 2018 has turned into a yearly event cause these cats just can't lose! So bang out to this year's "The Year of Griselda" mixtape & salute the dopest crew in hip hop with me for the THIRD year in a row!


Jose Conseco - Westside Gunn

Juvenile Hell - Conway

Legend - Benny

Nothing Less - Conway

Simply Done - Armani Caesar 

Jesus Khrysis - Conway

Burden of Proof - Benny

One Way Flight - Benny

Ishkabibbles - Westside

98 Sabres - Westside

One More Hit - Westside

Frontlines - Conway

George Bondo - Westside

Icon - Conway

SDLN - Conway

From God - Conway

Allah Sent Me - Westside

Lil Cease - Westside

The Butcher & the Blade - Westside

Bricks to Murals - Conway

Lemon - Conway

Shoot Sideways - Conway

Goodnight - Westside

Countdown - Armani Caesar 

Dough Damani - Conway

Euro Step - Westside

See Everything But Jesus - Conway

Versace - Westside

500 Dollar Ounces - Westside

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