Buy The Album When I Drop It: Adolescent Tape - Mussie

Posted On Monday, July 8, 2019

Back in February my college roommate KG hit me like "Kil...I got this 17 year old kid who's nasty but needs some direction & beats." And I won't hold ya' went in one ear and right out the other cause if I had a dollar for everytime someone hits me like "I got the next dope MC" & 9 times outta 10 they're aiight at best, I could literally quit my job, sit at home all day and watch The Wire & the Sopranos all day long. But becuase it was KG who's NEVER cosigned ANYBODY like this I told him to bring him through the crib and when he did I was blown away! There was no way in the world that this cat could be 17 spittin' like this. Every beat I put on dude annihilated & I was picking some of my "3000 beats" (beats that aren't necessarily my regular boom bap, basically stuff I would play for Andre 3000 if I ever got the chance) and he was STILL killing those jawns! So fast forward 4 months and after numerous studio sessions we've finally got his debut album "Adolescent Tape" produced by Dre & yours truly and mixed and mastered by Professor H on tap to cop from all of your favorite streaming sites so prayerfully you'll support a very DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE piece of music! You can listen and/or cop here!

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