Always Diggin' Mixtape

Posted On Friday, July 12, 2019

D.I.T.C. is EASILY one of the dopest but still slept on crews in all of hip hop and I have absolutely no idea why. You've got 3 of the dopest lyricists with Lord Finesse, Big L and OC with 3 of the illest producers with Diamond, Showbiz and Buckwild and it's not like Fat Joe and AG are to be f%*ked with when they're in their bag too. Which is why I'll never get why these cat's names aren't brought up when folk are chopping it up about hip hop's dopest clan, posses, crews and clicks. So if you're on my side of the fence with knowing how much the culture owes these cats then you'll love my Still Diggin' mixtape saluting some of my fave D.I.T.C. bangers and if you're one of those folk sleeping on the squad then you should be woke by the time you're done with this mix.

Soul Clap - Showbiz & AG
Sally's Got A One Track Mind - 
Fat Pockets - Showbiz & AG
Silence of The Lambs (Remix) - Showbiz & AG 
Best Kept Secret - Diamond D
Funky Technician - Lord Finesse
Strictly For The Ladies - Lord Finesse
Watch The Sound - Fat Joe
Still Diggin - Showbiz & AG
Shit Is Real (Primo Remix) - Fat Joe
Ebonics - Big L
Next Level (Primo Remix) - Showbiz & AG
Born2 Live - OC
Holding It Down - Big L
Hip To The Game - Lord Finesse
Time's Up - OC
My World - OC
The Enemy - DITC
Flow Joe - Fat Joe
The Hiatus - Diamond D
Ozone - OC
Far From Yours - OC
Success (Primo Remix) - Fat Joe
Actual Facts - Lord Finesse
Thick - DITC


  1. DITC will remain legends in their own right. Pure underground Hip Hop since day one. Fat Joe tracks here are classic but I would have went with the ones produced by the DITC circle. Some gems are absent. Like Day One and You Can't Front.

    Dope selections nonetheless, I enjoyed the tape.

    1. the hell did I forget Day One?!?!?!? I'm getting old smdh.


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