#3rdVerseChallenge - EMACulate Vernacular, J. Naim & Prynce P (Produced by Kil)

Posted On Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A couple of weeks ago someone on twitter told me that Benny the Butcher was a doper MC then Jay Z. I simply replied that Benny can't be doper then Jay cause he doesn't even write 3 verses which sparked a whole debate about is a 3rd verse even needed anymore. I said that I don't think these new school MC's  have the talent to write a 3rd verse & if they do they're just to lazy to do it. And of course a rack of MC's on my TL told me that's not the case & it's because the listener's attention span can't sit through a 3rd verse. So I told folk if it's THAT easy to write a 3rd verse, I'll send you a beat and write a storytelling rhyme with the 3rd verse wrapping up the story from the first 2 verses. Now of course all of the MC's that were talking outta their neck didn't respond but a RACK (I sent out over 70 emails with the beat) of MC's did respond and the next 3 MC's up to bat who sent me back their final songs were EMACulate Vernacular, J. Naim and Prynce P. So again, salute these good brothers for not hiding under a rock like a lot of these so called MC's out here!


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