The Voice Mixtape

Posted On Friday, June 14, 2019

Kiss is EASILY not only one of my fave MC's but he's also one of the dopest to EVER do it! Money has the whole package...the flow, the lyrics, the street cred, dope stories, an ill pen game and most of all dude's got that voice. Cause when you hear Kiss there ain't no mistaken him with NOBODY else! And since Guru told all of us that's it's mostly the voice and since Kiss has got that on lock, it's not too many folk out there with half a brain that can deny dude from the respect that Yonker's finest (yup...Yonkers' finest) is due. So with all of that said ya'll KNEW I had to put together my #TheVoice mixtape with some of my fave Kiss songs and verses on tap right? Salute.

The Champ Is Here
Real Hip Hop
None of Ya'll Better
Money, Power, Respect
Child Abuse
Professional Hood Shit
Last Dayz
New York
Times Up ('93 Shit)
One More Step
Banned From TV
By Your Side
All About The Benjamins
Still feel Me
We Gonna Make It
Rite Where You Stand
The Essence
It's Time I See You
Ain't Nuthin' New
Shoot Outs
Things I've Been Through
First 48
What's You So Mad At Now
Bars of Terror

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