The Year of Griselda Mixtape

Posted On Saturday, December 22, 2018

If anybody owned the year of 2018 it had to be Griselda Records. I don't know if ya'll were paying attention but Griselda dropped 3 Conway projects this year with "Blakk Tape", "Everybody is Food" and "Everybody Is Food 2: Eat What You Kill." Westside dropped "Supreme Blientele" and "Hitler Wears Hermes 6." And last but mos def not least Benny released his debut with Griselda with "Tana Talk 3" which is damn near the dopest album of the year. And if ya'll throw in all of the guest appearences these cats made this year how could you not give 2018 to them? Like Conway said "think about it, I'll wait a minute..." 

Joe Pesci 38 - Benny the Butcher
Piper - Conway
Mean Gene - Westside Gunn
97 Hov - Benny the Butcher
Alpaca - Conway
Fentanyl - Conway
ODB - Conway
Elizabeth - Westside Gunn
Mac 10 Wounds - Alchemist feat. Conway
Hide The Body - Conway feat. Benny the Butcher
Rubber Bands and Weight - Benny the Butcher
Big Luther Freestyle - Westside Gunn
The Scorpion - Conway
Pain Killers - Conway
Brutus - Westside Gunn
Gigi - Westside feat. Benny the Butcher
Judas - Alchemist feat. Westside Gunn & Conway
Amhherst Station 2 - Westside Gunn
Broken Bottles - Benny the Butcher
Scarface vs. Sosa - Benny the Butcher
Biscotti Biscuits - Conway
Gods Don't Bleed - Westside Gunn feat. Benny the Butcher
All 70 - Benny the Butcher feat. Conway
Bossface Bripler - Westside Gunn feat. Busta Rhymes
Bullet Holez In My Neck - Conway
Night Drive - Conway
Ray Mysterio - Alchemist feat. Westside Gunn & Conway
Sigel In State Property - Conway
Cocaine Paid - Conway


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