Buy The Album When I Drop It: Insight Onsite - Deuce Hennessy (Produced by Kil & Charlie Chan)

Posted On Saturday, December 22, 2018

I linked with my guy Deuce Hennessy a minute ago on twitter when he sent me some of his music to check out & since I was feeling it, I stepped to him about working on a project together. I knew he already had a producer in pocket he was working with Chuck Chan and the last thing I ever wanna do is step on somebody's feet so I thought it would be dope if we both produced the album and viola! You've got Deuce Hennessy's new album "Insight OnSite" produced by yours truly & Chuck Chan available on Tidal, Apple Music, Google Music & all of the major streaming services! And as ALWAYS trust's DOOOOOOOOPE! 

Subtle Intro (Produced by Kil)
It Made Me (Produced by Chuck Chan)
Fear or Respected (Produced by Chuck Chan)
Overthinking (Produced by Chuck Chan)
Some Insight (Produced by Chuck Chan)
Swinging For The Fences (Produced by Chuck Chan)
Elder Statesman (Produced by Kil)
I Know They Hate (Produced by Kil)
Dish To Pass (Produced by Kil)
Looking Back 1 (Produced by Kil)

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