Apt. 5B Hosted by Kil: Chopping It Up With Crooklyn Dodger #2...OC

Posted On Sunday, April 16, 2017

For this week's episode of my podcast The Corner Radio we're chopping it up with one of the ILLEST lyricist EVER Crooklyn Dodger #2...OC! O drops SO many jewelz on this ep it's stupid! Everything from how the Time's Up beat was originally for Pharoahe Monch, how he linked up with Primo, how nobody in the DITC crew wanted to use the sample O used for Dangerous, his story about the night Big L died, how him and Big L were working on an album together to his love and appreciation for the DOC, how he wanted the beat "The Message" that Lord Finesse gave to Dr. Dre for Jewelz, how he was originally on Pete Rock' "Tru Master", how Primo didn't like the beat for "My World", how Lords of the Underground pushed him to make his stage show doper and O tells the masses what album is doper...Word Life or Jewelz! Plus we chop it up about his new album that just dropped "Same Moon, Same Sun!" And one of the DOPEST things about this interview was O just came out the booth in the studio to chop it up with us so throughout the interview you've got Showbiz and Panchi from NYG'z stopping in to show O love! Trust when I tell you this is an ep you don't wanna miss and don't forget to subscribe to our You Tube Channel!

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