Brothers From Brentwood Long Island Mixtape

Posted On Friday, February 23, 2024

A minute ago we did an ep of my podcast The Corner Radio on our top 5 dopest duos in hip hop and it should come as no surprise that EPMD EASILY made the cut with me. I mean...we're talking about Erick and Parrish making dollars here! One of the dopest crews in the game! We're talking about about a crew who quite possibly has the dopest 4 album run in the history of the game! We're talking about a crew who discovered Dad EFX & Redman! We're talking about a crew that...well...ya'll get the point. And if ya'll don't, then bang out to my Brothers From Brentwood mixtape and come into the knowledge of one of hip hop's dopest duos EVER!

I'm Mad
I'm Housing (Remix)
Gold Digger
It's My Thing
So What Ya Sayin?
You Gots To Chill
Straight From The Boondox
Give The People What They Want (Remix)
Strictly Business
Total Chaos
Comin' At Cha
Brothers From Brentwood
It's Going Down
You're A Customer
Please Listen To My Demo

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