718 Brownsville Brooklyn Mixtape

Posted On Friday, July 8, 2022

There's never been a group in the history of the game that I can say I've rocked with their first 9 (yup, count 'em...9) release out the gate other then M.O.P. From the first time I heard "How About Some Hardcore" I was feeling these cats and by the time they linked up with Primo for the "Rugged Never Smooth" remix it was a wrap. From "To The Death", "Firing Squad", "First Family For Life" and "Warriorz" to "Marxmen Cinema" their rock album "Mash Out Posse", "The St. Marxmen" "Ghetto Warfare" and "Foundation" these dudes have been hitting us in the head with BANGERS for over 14 years! And not for nuthin but one of the dopest things that's happened to me in this hip hop game was getting my track "Rude Bastards" on their "Foundation" album! So if for some strange reason you've never gave Brownsville's Mash Out Posse a spin in your rotation, bang out to my 718 Brownsville Brooklyn mixtape and you'll wonder what the hell's been wrong with you for the past 22 damn years. Salute.
Ante Up
How About Some Hardcore
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Calm Down
Half and Half
What I'm Gonna Be
Salute Part 2
Breaking The Rules
Face Off
New Jack City
All Of The Above
Rude Bastard
G Boy Stance
Handle Your Business (Remix)
World Famous
Rugged Never Smooth (Remix)
Gangsta Boy
G Building
Stick To Your Guns

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