Buy The Album When I Drop It: Free Speech - Matthew Clive & Kil

Posted On Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Everybody who knows me knows that Twitter is my social media medium of choice namely because I think Facebook is a wack walking high school reunion & IG is just all the pictures I already saw on your facebook page. But twitter is the spot where I've met some of the coolest folk I know, made some VERY dope connections, ended up in studios with Chucky Thompson and Bink! and made some very good money in the process so why wouldn't that be where I hang out the most?

Along with everything I just named, I've also met some dope MC's on twitter and the newest addition to those MC's is my dude Matthew Clive. After checking out dude's soundcloud page I reached out about working on some music and one track became two and those two turned into an eight song EP (4 produced by me and 4 produced by him) titled "Free Speech." So check it out and prayerfully ya'll will dig it and if so, pass it on so that we can help get the word out on the project. As always, good looking for the support! 

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