The Corner Radio Hosted by Kil: Jodeci vs. Boyz 2 Men...The Top 5 Male R&B Groups From The 90's

Posted On Sunday, December 6, 2015

"Who's the best MC...Biggie, Jay Z or Nas?" - Jay Z

Nah...this ain't that show but it is the R&B version of it. Over the years I've been in way TOO many debates about these two groups. Who's better, Boyz 2 Men or Jodeci? And for me, this question ain't even hard at all. The funny thing is folk who know I'm from Philly think I'll vote one way but then my street dudes think I'd vote another way. But to make the show interesting, me and my R&B squad JR, Kaye & JP are chopping it up about who are our top 5 male R&B groups of the 90's and then we go into who's doper Boyz 2 Men or Jodeci. Plus you're in the middle of a DOOOOOOOPE mix of some of the dopest male group from the 90's! ANOTHER dope ep ya'll!
Also, subscribe to The Corner Radio on Stitcher Radio and in case cats don't have time to peep the whole show and wanna get straight to the convo, skip to the 25:02 mark and you're good money.

Motownphilly - Boyz 2 Men
My Fantasy - Guy
Dope (Remix) - BBD
Do Me - BBD
The Kissing Game - Hi 5
Get Down - Tony Toni Tone
Real Close - Next
Every Little Thing - Soul 4 Real
Where The Part At - Jagged Edge
Only You - 112
In My Bed (So So Def Remix) - Dru Hill
U Will Know - Black Men United

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