The Corner Radio Hosted by Kil: Christians Who Listen To Hip Hop...What The Hell Is Wrong With Us?

Posted On Sunday, November 15, 2015

"I'm from the place where the church is the flakiest" - Jay Z

Last week, my homegirl Kaye posted on her facebook page, "who listens to Eric B. & Rakim on the way to church? I do. #MoveTheCrowd." And after reading that, I knew immediately what the next episode of The Corner Radio would be about. See, I gave my life to Christ 16 years ago and even though I'll tell anyone who will listen that Jesus Christ is my lord and savior, over those 16 years I've always been given the side eye from many of my fellow Christians and church folk (and trust me, there's a HUGE difference between the 2) for still listening to hip hop. So, when I saw Kaye's post it was one of the first times I'd seen another Christian proudly wear on their sleeve that they still listen to hip hop. So for this week's ep, we've got Kaye and my dude Darnyle (who is the head of the men's ministry at the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore but still listens to hip hop) chopping it up about why does the church hate hip hop SO much? And not just secular music but specifically hip hop. Because it's cool when Sister Shaniece goes to see a half naked Beyonce grind on stage for 2 hours, watches Scandal, Empire, Power, The Haves & the Have Nots, the Real Housewives of whatever state you're in, etc. etc. but when a North Carolina Pastor goes to a Rick Ross concert he loses his job...smdh. Was it really C. Delores Tucker who started this black cloud that's followed hip hop the past 20 years, why we think christian hip hop is wack but could be dope if cats made better music like Brand Nubians did with the 5% nation. Plus Kaye schools us that we can't have christian hip hop cause there's nothing that rhymes with Shadrach, Meshack and Abendego. But the most important question we answer is why does it sits well with us to still listen to hip hop but at the same time STILL love God. This is EASILY one of the dopest shows I've been a part of and prayerfully ya'll will dig it! Plus you're in the middle of a DOOOOOOOPE 60+ minute mix full of nuthin' but classic old school bangers on tap!

And in case cats don't have time to peep the whole show and wanna get straight to the convo, skip to the 28:07 mark and you're good money.

Lean On Me - Big Daddy Kane
Gettin' Funky - Kid n Play
Paper Thin - MC Lyte
I Know You Got Soul - Eric B and Rakim
Ring, Ring, Ring  - De La Soul
It's My Thing - EPMD
Darryl & Joe (Krush Groove 4) - Run DMC
Jimmy - Boogie Down Productions
Funky For You - Nice 'n' Smooth
I'll Take Your Man - Salt n Pepa
The Overweight Lover Is In The House - Heavy D
Rock the Bells - LL Cool J
Eric B Is President - Eric B and Rakim
Cut The Zero - Doug E Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew
I Got It Made - Special Ed

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