Secret Wars: Captain America Sam Wilson

Posted On Thursday, November 12, 2015

Captain America is a black man. Nah...he's REALLY black. But before we go down that twisted road, let's stay on this Cap tip for a minute. See, I've never liked Captain America. In fact, I remember when I was a kid, thinking dude was racist. Yeah, I know that's kinda out there but hey, it is what it is. Why did I think he was racist? To be honest, I have no idea. Hell, his best friend was a black man and in those Captain America days, having a black man anywhere around you wasn't the "in thing" to do. So, I guess dude was down for the cause but it didn't matter if he marched with King, I didn't rock with dude. So when word got to ear that there was a black man replacing Cap, my first thought was is this some type of Clayton Bigsby (the blind black guy from the Chapelle Show who was part of the KKK) ish going on? Cause number one, who would even wanna be Captain America? And number two, what BLACK MAN would wanna be Captain America? Welp...Sam Wilson obviously does.

Now, if that name doesn't sound familiar Sam Wilson is/was The Falcon. And as a kid (and an adult) I LOVED the Falcon. Probably because he was the only black super hero out there in those Marvel/DC streets. Plus I dug the whole having wings thing (dude was MUCH cooler then Angel from the X Men or Hawkman from the Justice League) and I even dug dude having a bird as his sidekick. All of that to say, I thought Falcon was ill enough as is so what's the point of wanting to be Captain America? I mean dude was in Age of Ultron & even found himself in Ant Man being the Falcon so why not keep reppin' that? Welp, neither here or there cause dude wanted the shield but for a quick story on how Sam ended up getting the shield, Steve Rogers (the original Cap) got drained of his super soldier serum that gave him his powers and kept him young, which in turn made him old and weak, so he handed over the shield to his ace, pal and partner Sam Wilson.

So the series starts off with Sam breaking down the science of what it's like being the new Captain America. And as you can guess, when a black man begins to hold an office that's meant for a white man, a couple of things are gonna change. Just ask Obama. First things first, he's thrown his hand in the political ring which is something that the original Cap would never do. Think Jordan with the whole "republicans buy sneakers too line" vs. what Bron and the Heat did when Trayvon Martin was murdered and of course, not too many folk are happy about that. In fact, it so bad for Sam being Cap now, this dude is flying commercial and needs the black church to take up a "church building fund" (ya'll know no matter what black church you go to there's ALWAYS a building fund) to help keep "the lights on" (only a black super hero needs to "keep the lights on") and a Go Fund Me account to keep his movement going. Plus, he's no longer down with Shield, the Avengers, etc. matter of fact he's basically a free agent working by his lonesome. Well, he's not all by himself. He does have his foxy mama sidekick Misty Knight who looks like Foxy Brown (Pam Grier's Foxy...not Inga's) and he's still got Redwing (his bird) to help him keep the streets safe. But the one thing I do like about Sam being the new Cap is he's definitely on his FUBU (for us by us) jawn. It's like Sam's here for the everyday joe and even sets up a hotline for people to call in with what they need his help with. And that's the real meat of the series that's got my attention. Now I won't hold you, coming into this series, I was a 'lil apprehensive but truth be told, after reading the first 2 issues, I'm kinda feeling it. Now will it stay that way? Only time will tell. But for now, I'm kinda interested to see where Marvel is gonna go with this whole black man taking over one of the whitest super heroes in the universe.

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