Spike Lee Was My Hero: The Juggernaut Video - Driz Lo (Directed by Kil & Panama Rand)

Posted On Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It's been 2 years since I shot my last video for the bul Jay Rugga but after my dude Tony came up to the DMV to get some footage of me & Nay for his documentary and I saw all his equipment and the footage he caught...I got the bug to start shooting again. It just so happened that we just let Driz Lo's new single "The Juggernaut" go, so I felt like no better time then the present to make it happen. The only thing was, I didn't wanna shoot the regular "rap video." You know, the around the way, sitting in front of the bodega with you & your crew type video. And that's absolutely no knock on those kind of videos cause I've shot those myself but I just wanted to do something bigger and deffer. So between reading this book on the making of Tarentino's "Pulp Fiction" and listening to a RACK of Gangrene (if ya'll never heard Alchemist & Oh No's albums together kill yourself) on repeat, I came up with an ill treatment for the video. Now, anybody who gets behind the camera knows that one of the hardest things to do is bringing the vision that's in your head to fruition. But I can honestly say that I pulled it off perfectly with this jawn but let me know what ya'll think...

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