Baby Girl Mixtape

Posted On Tuesday, August 25, 2015

If you know me, then you know there are a couple of declarations that a firmly stand on. And here's a couple of 'em...BIG is the dopest MC, Outkast is the dopest hip hop group, Dilla's the dopest hip hop producer and Aaliyah is the dopest R&B chick EVER! And NONE of those are up for discussion, so you don't even have to waste your breath trying to change my mind on any of 'em. And PLEASE don't come at me with nuthin about Beyonce cause shorty could sell 10 billion records, sell out every stadium from here to Zimbabwe everyday for 5 years, cure AIDS, cancer, MS AND fibromyalgia (which I have BTW) and she's still not coming close to holding a candle to baby girl. I still can't believe that shorty's been gone for 14 years but at least she left us with a rack of bangers and with my salute mix to Aaliyah, they're all on tap so ease back and enjoy.

Rock The Boat
Try Again
Back and Forth
Are You Feeling Me?
If Your Girl Only Knew
Come Back In One Piece
More Than A Woman
Age Ain't Nothing But A Number
At Your Best (Remix)
We Need A Resolution
I Care For You
I Don't Wanna
John Blaze
Street Thing
One In A Million
4 Page Letter
Miss You
Are You That Somebody

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