Secret Wars: Ant Man

Posted On Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Let's get something straight from the door, I think Ant Man is wack. You're telling me that this dude's power is to shrink (like any dude wants to do that) to the size of ant...REALLY?!?!?! That ish sounds more like a damn punishment then a super power and I'm still stuck on stupid that this is the dude next in line for an actual big budget movie from Marvel. And on top of that, the trailer they just let go for the Ant Man movie looks wack as hell too but you know what? I'm trying to get more open minded in my old age. I mean...maybe I slept on dude a little too much. Maybe there is something dope about shrinking to the size of an ant and being able to chop it up with the other ants. Maybe there is something dope about looking up to a Yorkie like it's a damn T-Rex...I mean, I don't think there could be anything dope about any of the stuff I just said but I could be wrong and since Marvel is dropping a new Ant Man series I figured this would be the best time to give this dude a chance....even though I'll probably still think dude is a wack cornball but we'll see.

Welp, I can tell you that before I even dive into the actually comic the first page helps prove how wack this dude is. So I find out that the original Ant Man, Henry Pym has retired and some next cat Scott Lang has taken over the job. Hold tight, let me get this straight somebody actually wanted to be the Ant Man after somebody gave up the gig? Yeah right. But I can't front, they make up for the wackness real quick cause the first page has Ant Man basically saying everything I said in the first paragraph so he's basically dissing himself so at least now this comic has my attention. This first issues basically deals with Scott trying to find a gig cause him being a super hero isn't exactly working for him nor is it paying the bills and with a an ex-wife saying his studio apartment in NYC isn't big enough to warrant more visitation with his daughter, dude has to hit the streets like Rakim to find some dead presidents. Which basically ends him up at Starks Enterprises interviewing for the head of security job which would lead you to believe he has the upper hand for the job since him and Starks were both in the same crew but naw....Starks doesn't believe in him like that. So now Scott's gotta prove his skills to Starts to get the job. My first impression of the comic is "damn, this is where comics are in 2014?" Super heroes looking for 9-5's?!?!?

Maybe it's the 40 year old in me but I actually kinda dig the concept and after getting through the first issue, I can't even front, this jaws was MUCH better then I expected. Yeah, it's a little corny here and there but I dig the concept of a dude who knows he's not a dope super hero but he is a good thief who's trying to be a good dad and trying to make it happen out in these streets so for now I'm in with the series and I'm actually looking forward to checking out the next couple of issues. Now let's see if I'll still be feeling the same way after I'm 5-10 issues in. But I can tell you this...I'm still not sold on the movie tho.

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