I Can't Call It: Pardon My French - Macbeats & Cool FD

Posted On Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Staten Island has always been the forgotten borough of NYC...that is 'til Wu Tang for the kids came on the scene. But outside the Wu, their crew and Michael from The Wire, Shaolin hasn't been spitting out MC's like back in their 90's hey days. That is 'til you come across Macabeats who just happens to be Shaolin's newest representative by way of Baltimore. So, if you're in the mood for some good ole fashion hip hop, his newest project "Pardon My French" with French producer Cool FD needs to be in your rotation ASAP.

The project sets off with the first single "Pardon My French" which is a straight banger, "Killing Emcees" has Cool FD giving Macabeats & Cerebral the ill 70's blaxpoitation soundtrack to spit over while "The Come Up" gives you Macabeat's biography in this hip hop game. "The Sixth Sense" feat. Slum Pritt, Mitch L, Hennessey & DJ Grazzhoppa and "Guillotinez" feat. Lord Baltimore, Don Street, Ill Concious, S.O.N. & Cayoz Da Beast are two ill posse cuts with all of the MC's holding their own, "The Grind" feat. Dready Kruger, Mic Handz & Dirt Platoon has Cool FD freaking the "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight" sample and "Shalom Brother" feat. Jigsaw sounds like a Shaolin classic that crept up outta RZA's ASR. "The City" feat. Ahhabyam, "Holiday" and "Word Power" feat. James Bush keep the bangers coming but my fave banger on "Pardon My French" is "Life N Dreamz" feat. Don Streat. 

For years I've been hearing that hip hop is dead or there's no more dope hip hop on tap and my response for that is simply...you gotta dig. Cause nowadays "real" hip hop is like shopping at Filene's Basement. See, back in the day my dude Champ put me onto the fact that you could cop Girbaud jeans from Filene's much cheaper then at Macy's...but you had to dig for 'em. And that's the way it is with hip hop in 2014 cause if you wanna find some good hip hop (which is the equivalent of a bargain) nowadays you gotta dig and trust me when I say that Macabeat's album is one of the albums ya'll NEED to be diggin' for.

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