I Can't Call It: Trigga - Trey Songz

Posted On Sunday, June 29, 2014

Aiight...let's get this outta the way right now. I rock with Trey Songz. Why? Cause he talks about sex...and I like sex. Good...now with that out the way, we can get on with life. Now, even though I rock with Trey I gotta keep it 100, that last album was like John Starks in game 7 of the NBA Finals back in '94. It seems like "Chapter V" was more rap then R&B with features from Meek Mills, Diddy, T.I., Young Jeezy, Rick Ross AND Lil Wayne. I mean, when did R&B albums get more guest features then you're average rap album? Yeah, I get it...it's all about marketing nowadays, it's all about selling records but sometimes when you wanna sell a lot of records you sacrifice making good music. And it makes sense cause "Chapter V" was money's worst selling album. It always goes back to what I tell folk, don't try to follow some recipe to make good music...just go out there and make good music. And on "Chapter V" that's exactly what Trey DIDN'T do. So when word got to ear that Trey was about to drop his 6th album, to be honest I could have cared less. But then I thought about how I always catch hell from my Writer's Bench brethren for how quick I can write an artist off so I decided to give this "Trigga" album a shot in my rotation...but the real question is, can it stay in my rotation?

"Cake" sets everything off with Trey telling a shorty, "I'm taken but I want you/I don't wanna play by the book, no rules/they say you can't have cake and eat it to/but ain't that what you're suppose to do?" "Foreign"is a banger that has Trey breaking down his love for foreign women while "Na Na" has Trey trying to freak the classic Teen Marie "Oh La La La" chorus which comes off wack at first but by the 3rd listen, I was singing right along with it. "Touchin', Lovin'" feat. Nicki Minaj has Trey borrowing some BIG lines, "I'm touching you tonight, naw/I'm loving you tonight, nope/I'm f-cking you/girl you must be used to the spending/putting in that time time, touching, loving, f-cking, can't make up my mind." "Disrespectful" featuring Milla J has both of them talking about how outta pocket their creeping is, "if my girl found out you was on her side of the bed, she'd kill me/if your man found out I was on his side of the bed, he'd go ham/if my girl found out you was wearing her robe, I'd go missing", "Dead Wrong" featuring Ty Dollar $ign (who I thought was 2 Chainz or Future when I first heard it...I guess that just mean all 3 of these dudes sound the EXACT same to me) has Trey talking about scooping shorties from the club right under their man's noses, "All We Know" breaks down that all Trey knows is f-cking, drinking and sleeping and the Mike Will Made It produced banger "Late Night" with Juicy J has Trey letting chicks know that as long as you're not the type of b-tch talking about relationships, to hit him up on his late night sh-t."

"Smartphones" is the blueprint of why dudes should turn their phones off (not on vibrate but OFF) if they're gonna be out creepin' with the next chick and "Yes, No, Maybe" deals with the consequences from all the creepin' Trey's been doing since the beginning of the album, "I been selfish, I can't help it/whole lotta years, whole lotta tears, bullsh-t that you dealt with/but you let me and you left me." "Change Your Mind" ends the story of Trey's cheating ways with him trying to convince his girl to take him back" but the true banger of the album is "Y.A.S. aka You Ain't Sh-t." I can't even explain how hard this song goes. If you've even been caught cheating on your girl, you can kinda guess this jawn comes on after "Yes, No Maybe" and before "Change Your Mind" and it's right around that moment when your girl realizes you been doing her dirty for a minute and after contemplating that for a sec she has the epiphany that you ain't sh-t. I don't know about ya'll but I've been there, done that and heard that.

To be honest, I didn't think Trey had it in him to make another "Ready" or anything close to it but I won't hold you, "Trigga" is probably the closest thing that we're gonna get to "Ready" and that's not a bad thing by any means. "Trigga" is actually MUCH better then what I expected cause I expected to pop it in the whip and listen to it on my way home and be done with it by the end of the night. But 4 days later, it's still in the whip getting banged on a daily basis. And I already know there's a rack of folk reading this like "I can't believe you Kil...you like THIS kinda music?" And the "this kinda music" cats are talking about is what I like to call "106 & Park music." And guess what? Yeah, from time to time, I do like "this" kinda music cause to me, there's a time and place for every kinda music. Now should you be playing "Trigga" in the background while you're proposing to your girl? I really hope you don't. (unless she's REALLY ratchet) But should you be playing "Trigga" during your honeymoon? Hell yeah! See, I told you...there's a time and place for everything.

4 outta 5

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