What Part Of The Game Is That?!?!?!?! - The Draft Lottery

Posted On Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cleveland gets the #1 pick…AGAIN?!?!? REALLY?!?!?! So, let me get this straight. The Cavs have had the number 1 pick in the NBA draft, 3 of the past four years?!?!?! And ya’ll see absolutely NOTHING wrong with that? Well, it’s obvious to me that the powers that be told Cleveland, “look, Bron is the new poster boy for the NBA, he’s the new Michael Jordan and no offense but we can’t have him here in Cleveland of all freaking places. So, we’re gonna take him to a bigger market, namely Miami where we’ll team him up with Bosh and Wade and get this dynasty thing poppin’ off again like we had it back in the 80’s. But don’t sweat it Dan, we’re gonna break the Cavs off with 3, count ‘em 3 number one draft picks over the next 4 years…you good with that?”

So, while the rest of us thought Bron simply left for free agency, in all actuality Bron got traded to the Miami Heat in return for 3, #1 draft picks. Now of course, somebody out there will say I’m reaching and that it was just a coincidence that Cleveland has had 3, #1 picks over 4 years. Well, the problem with that is, I don’t believe in coincidences…at all. In my mind, unless you’re a Cavs fan, EVERYBODY who loves the game of basketball should be pissed the hell off right now! We’re literally seeing first hand just how rigged this game is. Yeah, ya’ll tried to turn a blind eye to the whole Tim Donaghy ref scandal like that didn’t happen even though this dude refed some of the key games we ALL (except for Laker fans) KNEW were rigged. And before anybody says some nonsense to me like “come on Kil, games in the NBA aren’t rigged, PLEASE don't forget that they rigged a freaking presidential election back in ’04. But the least they could do it make it look good. Give ‘em the #1 pick every other year or every two years but two years back to back?!?!? I guess with Adam Silver in the commissioner’s seat now, he probably wanted to get out from under one of Stern’s many deals with the devil and was like “screw it, just give it to them back to back years so we can get this deal over with.”

All I know is that my squad didn’t tank an entire season, trade away every asset we had AND go on a 26 game losing streak to end up with the #3 pick. Now, some of ya’ll will actually let something stupid come out your mouth like “that’s what ya’ll get for tanking.” My reply is simply, what the hell were we supposed to do? Keep on barely making the playoffs and getting the 8th seed to just get knocked out the box by the Heat every year? What kinda future is that? That isn’t a future’s, that right there is basketball purgatory. So we tanked this year, it is what it is. But we tanked to get the #1 pick, not the #3. Now some folk may be saying the #3 pick is still a come up and you’re absolutely right, it is but tell me this, can we get Wiggins with the #3 pick? And that’s who I want playing at the crib. Some draft boards got Embid going at the #1 spot and Cleveland needs a big man but I can tell you this, Cleveland ain’t trying to pick a lemon two years in a row. And they damn sure don’t wanna be the east coast version of the Portland Trailblazers. (Portland taking Oden over Durant) So if I’m Cleveland I GOTTA pick Wiggins or Parker cause they’re much more of a sure shot deal over Embid. And if I’m Milwaukee, I’m thinking the exact same thing, which could leave us with Wiggins AND Parker off the boards by the time the 3rd picks rears it’s ugly head. But at the end of the day only time will tell who ends up playing for us at the Wells Fargo but I can tell ya’ll this...I pray Stern ONLY promised Cleveland 3, #1 Draft picks for Bron cause I can’t take another draft with the Cavs getting the #1 pick and talking about some damn lucky bow ties…

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