Secret Wars: Ghost Rider

Posted On Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I’ve always loved the story of Johnny Blaze…and not Method Man for the cats out there that are under 35. The reason I always rocked with his story was because to me it was one of the most believable origins for any super hero. Dude makes a deal with the devil to take away his mentor’s cancer in return for his soul. So the devil takes the cancer away but the next day, his mentor dies while attempting to break a world record of jumping over 22 cars. Sounds just like something the devil would do, right? So now anytime Johnny’s around evil, dude turns into the Ghost Rider. So after just saying how much I love money’s story, I gotta come clean and admit that I’ve NEVER read a Ghost Rider comic in my life! Yeah, I loved the story but I never thought anything past that would interest me especially after those HORRIBLE Ghost Rider movies but recently I got my hands on a Ghost Rider series from ‘06, so I figured what the hell? And I won’t even hold you, this is one of the dopest comics I’ve read in a minute! 

This series starts with Ghost Rider being trapped in hell and being tormented by the devil…daily. And by tormenting I mean he’s basically playing practical jokes on dude. Everyday he allows Johnny to believe that he can actually escape from hell and get back to earth, just to have the devil pull the rug out from under him every time. Then Johnny runs into this creature named Greexix who tells him he can dig them outta hell and back to earth and as usually, Johnny falls for it only to find out that Greexix was the devil the whole time. So Johnny gets back to earth, the only problem is he brought the devil with him. Eventually Johnny finds out since the devil isn’t of this world that he has to possess the dead to wreck havoc up here. So now all Johnny has to do is find the six hundred and sixty six dead folk the devil possessed and stop all of ‘em. The only problem is each time Johnny kills one of ‘em the rest of ‘em get stronger. So how exactly is Johnny gonna save the world and stop the devil? That’s a good question…

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