Book of Rhymes: The Returned

Posted On Friday, April 11, 2014

The other day my dude got at me about two scripts I sent him that I wanted him to check out. After he gave me some feedback, he asked me “so what’s this thing you’ve got with death?” And to be honest I didn’t even realize that 4 of the 6 scripts that I’ve written somehow, someway all deal with death. So after thinking about it, I guess my man was right…I do have a “thing” with death. I remember when I was a kid, I’d always think about what happens if I die while I’m sleep. And I’m sure the whole “if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take” prayer before going to sleep didn’t help either. Then in ’96 I lost 3 good friends, all within a 5 month span, which brought my “fear” of death back in full swing. My dad actually helped me deal with this fear by simply explaining that when it’s your time to go…it’s your time to go and there’s nuthin you can do about it. There’s no “final destination” hoopla going on cause if you almost died or “escaped” death, then it wasn’t your time to go. So, that along with giving my life to Christ helped me get past my fear of death with the whole “being absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord” and that way of thinking REALLY helped me deal with the death of my grandmother back in ’99.

So, now I get the fact that you’re not trapped in a box 6 feet underground by yourself buggin the hell out (yeah, I actually thought that way. When one of my peeps died I refused to leave his grave site cause I didn’t wanna leave him by his self) and I no longer have a “fear” of death but it’s obvious I still got a “thing” with death cause I write about it all of the time and I don’t even realize it. So, it’s no shock that I’m all in with any book, movie, TV show, etc. that deals with death and namely what happens after you die. A minute ago the homie the Big La put me onto this French TV series called “Les Revanants” (which means “they came back”) about a small village in France where all of a sudden a rack of dead people start coming back to life. The bugged part is they’re coming back to life the same age they were when they died but the rest of the world has continue to age, so kids are coming back to parents who are now twice their age from when their child died. It’s a REAL dope series if you can get your hands on it. Then a minute later I see a trailer for this new show on ABC called “Resurrection” with Omar Epps that’s based on the same exact premise. Now ya’ll know I hate biters (trust, I know a RACK of American shows are based off of other shows from overseas) so I wasn’t really interested in checking it out but since season 1 of “Les Revenants” didn’t explain why everyone was coming back to life, I was hoping that this new show “Resurrection” would.


So far, the show has been dope and it’s similar to “Les Revanants” but it take it’s own twists and turns away from where the French took it but it’s still not explaining why these folk are coming back to life and THAT’S what I’m dying to know! Then one day while watching the show, I peep in the credits that the show is based off a book called “The Returned.” So, ya’ll all ready know I’m head first into this book hoping that I can finish this jawn quick fast and in a hurry so I can find out why these dead folk are coming back! Similar to how “Resurrection” dips and dives away from “Les Revenants” the book dips and dives away from “Ressurection” but the premise stays the same. But the million dollar question is do I FINALLY find out why the dead are coming back to life? Why they don’t sleep? (outside of taking Nas’ advice) And why they eat like the Fat Boys in Krush Groove? Welp, ya’ll gonna have to go out and cop the book and support a brother like Jason Mott to find out. But I will tell you this, if you dig the series so far or you just got a “thing” with death like I do, then you’ll mos def mess with the book.


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