I Can't Call It: Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke

Posted On Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When I was growing up, two of my favorite singers were Hall and Oats and Tenna Marie. Both of them embodied soul music so much for me that when I found out they were white…it didn’t mean nuthin’ to me. As long as they kept making great music, I could care less what color they were. Those two also taught me to never judge a book by it’s cover. Which is why when I first heard Robin Thicke on Lil Wayne’s “Shooter” I knew this dude was dope cause he made me like a ‘Lil Wayne song…and I don’t like ‘Lil Wayne songs. And then word gets to ear that Pharrell just signed him to his Star Trek label?!?!? Yeah, this dude is gonna be a problem. Then the “Evolution of Robin Thicke” dropped and it was a SOLID release. Not a classic but it gave me what I expected from dude. Then “Something Else” dropped and that got dude into my V.I.P. club of folk. And that basically means that 9 times outta 10, I’m rocking with you as an artist no matter what. And “no matter what” includes when you have those "bumps and bruises" in road. (see Common’s “Electirc Circus” and “Universal Mind Control” albums) Then it ALL came to a screeching halt with his next album “Sex Therapy.” Now, don’t get it twisted, I messed with the song “Sex Therapy” but after that it seemed like all of a sudden Robin was hanging out with EVERY SINGLE rapper in the alive and wanted them ALL to be part of his album and that ish just didn’t work for me. Normally I would’ve written dude off like money’s wack but since he was in the V.I.P. club, I gotta look past that wackness right? Cool. But Robin proved he deserved a 2nd chance cause he came back with “Love and War” which brought him back to his senses. So, everything looked like it was back to normal right? Wrong. Cause now I’m hearing rumblings that Robin’s new album "Blurred Lines" is going to be all uptempo jawns? Welp, here we go again…

With "Blurred Lines", Robin, Pharrell and T.I. set the album off the right way with the title cut that you’ve HAD to have heard all summer at every BBQ, splash party, spades game, strip club, movie trailer, etc. so no need to talk about what a MONSTER smash it is. “Take It Easy” has an ill electro feel to it and this is the kinda song that will be taking up residence at clubs in Vegas for a minute. “Ooh La La” may be an uptempo banger but this jawn is just as smooth as one of Robin’s ballads while “Ain’t No Hat For That” has Robin contemplating messing with a chick that’s never satisfied and is bound to get him in trouble. “Get In My Way” and “Feel Good” are both dope and keep the party going and we actually do get some classic Robin Thicke with the smoothed out slow “4 The Rest of My Life.” I won’t hold you, I’m not feeling MC Robin Thicke (yup, he’s rhyming) on “Top of The World” and the album’s last cut “The Good Life” but the one song I thought would take me back to that “Sex Therapy” album (you know, the one with all the rapper features) ends up being one of my fave songs with “Give It 2 U” featuring Kendrick Lamar.


I just copped a 2013 Accord and one of the features it has is a “Lane Departure System” that alerts you when you’re not staying in your lane. Now, for a cat like me that was birthed and reared in the streets of Philly, I drive “kinda aggressive.” So I go in and outta lanes like it’s nuthin and this car “alerting me” every time I switch lanes without using my turn signals can be a ‘lil irritating but thank God you can turn this feature off. And I’m actually glad Robin turned off this feature when it came time to make “Blurred…” cause after listening to it, this dude proves he has the ability to go in and out of whatever lane he wants. Just as long as he doesn’t try the whole “featuring a rapper on every song” lane again...PLEASE don't do that. 

3.5 outta 5

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