Secret Wars: Superman Unchained

Posted On Sunday, August 25, 2013

I've NEVER liked fact, I hate the dude.  I always felt like he was the Kobe Bryant of superheroes. You can't front on what he can do, but at the end of the just don't like him. I mean, Superman has it all. He can fly, see through ish, heat vision, cold breath, super strength, blah, blah, blah. And him having ALL of those powers and being damn near unstoppable just made me dislike dude THAT much more. But then something I thought could never happen, happened. I saw the new Superman movie Man of Steel...and LOVED it! First things first, the way that Christopher Nolan flipped Superman's story into being darker was dope. Dude being a drifter, helping people here and there instead of being some nut ass reporter who's a punk by day and then a red, white and blue hero by night is what got me to keep watching this flick after the first 20 minutes and it's what kept my attention fthrough the 150 minutes of this flick. But don't get it twisted, this ain't a review of the movie but the movie is the reason I picked up this new DC New 52 comic Superman Unchained. 

I guess I was hoping this new series followed the more darker world of Superman movie but it doesn't. But that doesn't mean that it's not a good read. I won't give away too much about this new Superman Unchained, but let's just say there's someone the goverment has had on ice for years like a dope pair of Jordan 3's who's more powerful then Superman. And money is ready and willing at anytime to end dude. And THAT right there is enough for me to stay tuned with this series. Cause no matter how much this Superman flick has me KINDA rocking with dude, there's still nothing I love better then seeing Superman take l's. Not to mention my dude Batman steps in from time to time just to show Superman how much smarter he is...just another thing that'll keep me coming back. I'm 3 issues in so far and I'm not even gonna hold you, I actually like it. And keep in mind that this is coming from somebody who has NEVER read a Superman comic before in my life. We'll have to see if the powers that be over at DC can keep Superman Unchained on point but if they do, I might one day just actually end up liking the man of steel...go figure. And BTW, if you wanted seen this new Superman flick, do yourself a favor and don't sleep on one of the dopest superhero movies of all times. And trust me, I can't believe I just said that either.

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