Sh%t Kil Started On Twitter...The Chance the Rapper Edition

Posted On Wednesday, April 8, 2020

So the other day I saw my name was floating around in these twitter streets because I "supposedly" said that Chance the Rapper was a doper MC then Jay Z & Black Thought smdh. Come on ya'll. Seriously?!?!?!?ANYONE who knows me I would NEVER same some shit like that BUT obviously words were being twisted and assumptions were being made from a tweet I sent out this past summer after Chance's album "The Big Day" which I do like, dropped.

So, let's try to break this down step by step. #1, when Chance's album "The Big Day" dropped, did I tweet that I liked it? Hell yeah I tweeted that because I do like the album! And you know what? I caught hell on earth like Mobb Deep from ANY & EVERYBODY on twitter but the thing is ya'll must've confused me with someone who gives a F&$K cause I like what I like. To be honest, I enjoyed the roasting cause I've done my fair share of joking on folk for what they like but what I understood is they were just jokes. No one was being disrespectful or using those twitter fingers to talk reckless so it was all good for me. It's to the point now that anytime I mention Chance's name I go full on Eminem and make fun of myself before anyone else does. But the thing that I relaized from me saying I liked Chance's album was it was like mofos thought I started the civil war! And what I mean by that was someone asked me "OG how can you like Benny the Butcher AND Chance the rapper at the same time?" But the way I heard the question was more like "you mean to tell me you're "allowed" to like two different artists that are polar opposites of each other?" Now at this point I was totally confused for the simple fact that I came up at a time in hip hop when you could have a rap concert and it would be NWA, DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, Kid n Play and Salt n Pepa all on the same show. So you've got everything from "Fuck the Police" and "Straight Outta Compton" to "Parents Just Don't Understand", "Push It" and "Rolling With Kid n Play" in between. That question showed me nowadays with this new generation that you're not "allowed" to like various genres of music let alone various genres of hip hop, which again is crazy to me. So yeah, I liked Chance's album, so what? And guess what else? I even liked Ye's "The Life of Pablo" even though the black lives movement told me not to cause we (black folk) cancelled him and I even Justin's last album "Man of the Woods." Don't like it, unfollow me cause I've got more than enough followers.

Now, let's get to step #2 which is the above mentioned tweet. So when I said "Chance is talking about some real life ish while Thought is just spitting" I meant just that. Chance is on this album talking about getting married, how social media will tear you down if you let it, raising his kid, etc. and at 45 years old, THAT'S what I wanna hear. Now if I was 33 then that would probably be the last thing I'd wanna hear which is just reason 7,493,380 that I tweet out everyday that music is about what speaks to YOU! Now, some folk took it as a shot at Black Thought because I said all he's doing is spitting but it really isn't a shot, it's just reality. That first "Stream of Thought" EP sounded like Thought literally left Hot 97 after spitting that epic "freestyle" and went straight to the booth to record this EP with 9th cause he's still in rapid fire spit mode. Which is cool if that's what you wanna hear but I heard the freestyle so I was good. For me I wanted to hear something with substance.

Now, what I mean by that is Thought's "Stream of Thought" came out around the same time that Phontay's "No News Is Good News" and Royce's "Book of Ryan" dropped and those two album helped me to see Thought's achilles heel even more which is Thought really doesn't rhyme about anything. If it's not about a girl (see "Silent Treatment", "The Hypnotic", "The Notic", "You Got Me" and "Break You Off") he's kinda just...rhyming. Now keep in mind that's not a bad thing if you like MC's who just well...rhyme. But for me one of my most important attributes I want from a MC is stories & to be honest, that's just not something that Thought gives you on the norm. So while Phontay is talking about black men and our health, burying his father and taking care of his mother, how he's raising his sons and getting remarried and Royce is talking about his abusive childhood, his family history and his father being on cocaine, we've got Thought...well, just rhyming. So while Phontay and Royce's albums both got 5 mics from me, Thought's album got...welp it never got played again. So THAT'S why I said "Chance is talking about some real life ish while Thought is just spitting." Make sense? Probably not for some of ya'll mofos but hell, it makes sense to me.

Now, onto step #3 which is me saying "I didn't need Jay to tell me I should work on my credit and not cheat on my wife" which was me explaining I wasn't a big fan of Jay's last outing "4:44." That's it. Nothing deep. No long explanation. Just I thought "4:44" was a good album. Maybe 3 mics, but it's mastered HORRIBLY plus like I said I'm 45, I know what good credit can get you. But since I didn't really like "4:44" like that and I didn't feel like Jay's pen game was as sharp as it once was I said he should call it a day. And that's a statement that I stood by (past tense) until I heard him on this new Jay Elect album. But also keep in mind I've always said Jay is the type of MC who brings his A game based on who's on the scene at the time. And once I heard he was doing a "Watch The Throne" album with Jay Elect I KNEW he was gonna be bringing that Marcy ish with him. So, prayerfully that explains why I said Jay should "retire" but just like most rumors in the streets of course, the comma was left out where I said if he doesn't have it in him to rhyme like Marcy Jay anymore THEN he should retire. But when has a rumors or the streets ever cared about a little thing like a comma or the rest of the sentence that came after the comma? So at the end of the day, no I NEVER said Chance is a better MC then Black Thought or Jay Z. Yes I said Jay should retire IF he can't rhyme as a top tier MC anymore and yes, I STILL like Chance's album "The Big Day." Sue me.

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