Battle Royal Vol. 1: Primo vs. The RZA

Posted On Friday, April 10, 2020

With all of the battles going on over on IG I figured I'd start a new mixtape series called "Battle Royal." And with this Primo vs. RZA battle looming there's no better way to set off the series off than with two of my top 5 producers going head to head! After peeping this jawn, who ya'll got coming out on top?!?!?

Protect Your Neck - Wu Tang
Just To Get A Rep - GangStarr
DYWK - GangStarr
Daytona 500 - Ghostface
Buck 50 - Ghostface
Take It Personal - GangStarr
Criminology - Raekwon
Mass Appeal - GangStarr
Shimmy Shimmy Ya - Ol Dirty
Outta Here - KRS One
Nas Is Like - Nas
Boom - Royce
Verbal Intercourse - Raekwon
D. Original - Jeru Da Damaja
Incarcerated Scarfaces - Raekwon
7th Chamber - Wu Tang
Shadowboxing - GZA
Unbelievable - BIG
Supa Star - Group Home
Triumph - Wu Tang
Cold World - GZA
Run - Ghostface
Cream - Wu Tang
Kick In The Door - BIG
Liquid Swords - GZA
Long Kiss Goodnight - BIG
Come Clean - Jeru
Rappaz R N Danja - KRS One
Above The Clouds - GangStarr
Motherless Child - Ghostface
New York State of Mind - Nas


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