The Buckwild Collection Mixtape

Posted On Friday, August 19, 2022

Buckwild has to be one of the most slept on producers in the history of the game and I have absolutely no idea why. Money is not only in one of the dopest hip hop crews EVER with Diggin' In The Crates but he single handidly produced one of the dopest hip hop songs with OC's "Time's Up!" Not to mentiont that dude has a TON of bangers under his belt too. So if by any chance you're one of the dumb, deaf & blind do me this justice and peep my mixtape saluting one of the illest ever!

The Lump Lump - Sadat X
I Got A Story To Tell - BIG
What's A Thug About - Beans
Born 2 Live - OC
Fast Life - Kool G Rap feat. Nas
These Are Our Heroes - Nas
Put It On - Big L
Ho Happy Jackie - AZ
Time's Up - OC
Stress - Organized Konfusion
Invetro - Organized Konfusion
Makin Moves - Royal Flush
Blowin Up In The World - Kool G Rap
Whoa - Black Rob
O Zone - OC
Far From Yours - OC
MAster IC - Mic Geronimo
Hypocrite - OC
I Been Gettin' So Much Money - Royal Flush
I Love You - Faith
C'mon Wit Da Git Down - Artifacts
Like Father, Like Son - Game


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