The Promo: Timeless (It's A Fly Love Song) - D. Billz (Produced by Kil)

Posted On Monday, November 6, 2017

A minute ago me & my team did our first monthly sampling clearance challenge where we all use the same sample but see how we use it differently. After that we'd get a MC to spit over our individual beat so first up to bat on my banger #FlyLoveSong you've got Uptown's finest's D. Billz! Prayerfully you already know the background of me & Billz from when he came through my mom's crib in Philly and spazzed out over my beats for 2 straight hours (but if not you can peep that here) and now you can check out how Billz ANNIHILATED my "sampling clearance" beat and turned it into a BANGER called #Timeless that will be on his mixtape #InDueTime dropping November 11th produced entirely by me! As already know it's DOOOOOOOOOPE!

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