Who's First Up To Bat? - D. Billz

Posted On Thursday, August 17, 2017

A minute ago my man AJ hit me up like "Kil...I got the next one." Now ya'll gotta understand, I don't think a week goes by when somebody ISN'T telling me that they've got the next one. But I checked out the link AJ sent me and I won't hold you, dude was nice. The following week, I just happened to be in Philly and told AJ to bring his man D. Billz through my mom's crib so I could see if bul was REALLY nice. And let me tell ya'll, when AJ said he had the next one...dude wasn't lying! I threw on a couple of beats off one of my beat tapes #NobodyKnows where all of the beats are cooked up from gospel samples and he spazzed out on all of 'em! Then I went to some beats that most MC's don't pick cause they're either too slow or just kinda out there and he spazzed on those jawns too! Then I figured I'd play him some beats out my R&B bag just to see what he could do with those and he SPAZZED on those too! By the time I looked up 2 hours had passed, AJ gave me a cut, my moms, wife and daughter were all sleep and it was almost 2am! This dude REALLY spazzed out for 2 hours, mixing written rhymes with coming off the top over beats that most MC's have no idea what to do with and he KILLED every last one of 'em! Needless to say, I'll be producing his debut album dolo but in the meantime check out some of the footage I caught from that night and also check out Billz's newest mixtape "While I Was Gone" so ya'll can see just how much of a beast dude is!

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