Apt. 5B Podcast Hosted by Kil: The 35 & Over MC Retirement Plan

Posted On Monday, August 14, 2017

For this week's episode of my podcast Apt. 5B I'm chopping it up about a topic that's close to my heart. Last week Vegas sent me this article in Complex about how Andre 3000 doesn't wanna be the 50 year old rapper and my question is...why not? Why is hip hop the ONLY art form where there's an age limit? Why is it that one of the dopest MC's EVER has a problem with being the 50 year old MC but NOT the 50 year old actor? My brother Ev brought up a VERY dope point...if you're over 35 years old and you're on a date and you tell shorty you're a MC she'll 9 times outta 10 look at you like a loser on some ole "oh God what you want me to listen to your demo?" BUT if you tell shorty you're a poet, she's cool with that and may even wanna hear some of your poetry. But if you put that same poetry over beats then everything changes and you're a loser now? What's REALLY good with that? 

So, I pulled in 3 MC's I'm working with (that are all over 35) Vegas, Krazy Fingaz and Yaw to chop it up about why they're still rhyming, why they started rhyming in the first place, are they cool with being the 50 year old MC, why or why not and do their wives and families support what they're doing? I also bring in Wreck to chop it up about is it just MCing or is their an age limit to DJing while I chop it up about is their an age limit to producing. I also bring in my guy Penny who's an actor to talk about the age game from an acting perspective and JR chimes in about do the same rules apply to the R&B side of the game. There's SO many dope perspectives on age in hip hop on this ep whether it's dealing with being a MC or friends of mine that question why do I still listen to hip hop at my age so it's no need to tell ya'll that this is ANOTHER dope ep and don't forget to subscribe to our You Tube Channel!

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