The Get Down Beat Tape Vol. 1 Produced by Kil & Truss One

Posted On Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I linked with Truss One a minute ago on twitter and from chopping it up about beats, samples, music, etc. we started sending each other beats back and forth for each others two cents on 'em. Lately I haven't been in the lab like that cause I've really been in my screenwriting bag but a couple of months ago Truss sent me some of his joints that he was working on that were straight bonkers which gave me that umph to put that pen down get my butt back in the lab and get back on the maschine. So Truss is mos def one of the main reasons I've been cooking again. So it was only right that we linked up for a new 12 song beat tape with 6 produced by Truss & 6 produced by me. Ya'll already know I don't put my name next to any wack ish, so there's no need to tell ya'll it's DOPE right?

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