The Corner Radio Hosted by Kil: 5 Albums You Would Take On A Deserted Island

Posted On Sunday, May 8, 2016

For this week's episode of my podcast The Corner Radio, me & my R&B Co-op JR & Kaye are chopping it up about the top 5 albums we'd take with us on a deserted island. We're also chopping it up about why I don't think more folk like gospel music like that, why I'm not made at Drake sampling Mary's Joint or Kendrick sampling Janet's "Anytime, Anyplace", me & Kaye reminisce at our time at Morgan State thanks to The Lost Boyz and I FINALLY put an end to the hoopla that I don't rock with Anthony Hamilton! Another DOPE ep ya'll! And don't forget to subscribe to The Corner Radio on Stitcher Radio!

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