The Corner Radio Hosted By Kil: The Death of R&B @ Bad Boy

Posted On Sunday, March 27, 2016

"Cause it's Bad Boy for life..." - Puff

For this week's episode of my podcast The Corner Radio, me & my R&B Co-op JR & Kaye are chopping it up about the rise and fall of Bad Boy's R&B roster, why none of these acts could survive once they left Bad Boy, was Faith REALLY a Mary J. knock off, Puff's changing of the guard from Chucky Thompson to Stevie J to Mario Winans and why that didn't work out, why none of us know any of the members of 112's names, the differences between old school answering machines and voice mail and why Puff's "No Way Out" album was truly the end of Bad Boy records. ANOTHER dope ep ya'll! 

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