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Posted On Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Anderson Paak is a beast...nuff said. And if you haven't heard his newest album on tap "Malibu" just go ahead and kill yourself. But listen to it before you do the deed tho. Now, most folk who know me knows I've been trying to tell anybody who would listen about Paak since Dre dropped "Compton." But since most of ya'll slept on it, ya'll slept on Paak too. Now after hearing "Compton" I started was turning over any rock I could find to grab anything I could find on dude. Now, one of the first things I found on Paak was this video for a song called "Suede" which was BANANAS! And since I'm the type of dude who likes the best quality with my music, I didn't wanna do the whole "youtube to mp3" to grab the song, I wanted to get a high quality version of it. So it was back to the crates to find this jawn. So while diggin through the crates (or rather the net) I came up on his "Venice" album he dropped along with his "Anderson Paak EP" & "O.B.E. EP" but there was one small problem. None of 'em had "Suede" on it! Then a minute ago, I'm on 2Dopeboyz and I see that Paak is in a group with this producer Knowledge and they've got a video for a new song called "Link Up" on tap off their EP "Link Up & Suede" and new song is just as dope if not doper then "Suede!" And the video?!?!? Come on. These cat Paak & Knowledge are like the new age GangStarr or Pete & CL or sumthin'. And then I find out that these 2 got a new EP on tap? You've gotta be kidding me. I'm FINALLY getting "Suede" and two new bangers?!?!?! Like Nas said...life is good.

Well, there's really no need to go into how dope "Suede" and "Link Up" is cause I've been talking about "Suede" since ya'll started reading this and "Link Up?" Well, "Link Up" is like when you heard "Scenario" after you heard "Check The Rhyme" and you were in awe cause you didn't think it couldn't get much doper. And the third song on EP "Droogs" is a remix to a song off Paak's "Venice" album called "Drugs" and is SO much different then the original that it might as well be an entire new song. BTW, "Droogs" is dope as hell too. Not to mention we're also treated to 3 DOPE Knowledge instrumentals with "Anthrtime", "Dathwhip" and "Dntstop." My only beef with this "Link Up & Suede" EP is that it's only 3 songs. But then again, most EP's are 3-5 songs so I guess I can't really complain about that. But I'll tell you this, before Paak records anything for Aftermath, (since Dre just signed him) him and Knowledge better get back in the lab and drop an album on Stones Throw first.

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