Secret Wars: Preacher

Posted On Friday, May 8, 2015

So a preacher, his ex and a vampire walk in a bar looking for God...sounds like a joke right? And it actually may be. But this go round, I'm talking about the plot of DC/Vertigo Comic's "Preacher." See, what had happened was a angel hooked up with a demon and had an offspring named Genesis who reeking havoc in heaven and killed the head angel in charges' brother which dude ain't too happy about. So, he puts some angels who are under him to find Genesis and get the cat in check before he heads to earth to start whylin' out. The problem is Genesis is looking for a soul to bond with on earth and if that happen, that person could possibly have more power then God himself. So they gotta stop Genesis quick, fast and in a hurry. And to stop him, they gotta go wake up the Killer of Saints, who's basically a bad ass angel of death type dude. How bad ass is dude? So bad ass he shoots the angel who woke him up in the face. Now, things gets deeper cause Genesis does connect with a human, Jesse Custer who just happens to be a preacher. And he bonds with him on a Sunday while dude is preaching. Now, the problem with Genesis bonding with Jesse is that it's so powerful that it basically kills his entire congregation, burns his church to the ground and knocks Jesse unconscious.

Now the woman who find Jesse just happens to be his ex girl named Tulip who's with this dude named Cassidy with her sleeps in the back of a pick up truck covered by tarp. Eventually all 3 of them start chopping it up in a diner not knowing that the Killer of Saints, the town's sheriff (who thinks "the niggers" burned down the church) and some rowdy town's people are all looking to take 'em down. First up to bat are the local folk, which ends in a rumble where Cassidy gets stabbed in the eye and eventually starts eating folk which is what schools Jesse & Tulip to the fact that he's a vampire which explains why he sleeps in the back of the truck all day with the tarp over him. Next up would be the sheriff's department if the Killer of Saints didn't kill them all and then eventually Jesse comes face to face with the angel of death but don't forget since Genesis bonded with a human that Jesse has some super powers up his sleeve and in a nut shell the Killer of Saint has to do what Jesse tells him too which is to call down the angels who sent him to school him on what's going on and what's going on is basically after Genesis was born...God quit. Yup, He just up and quit. And now we get back to my original joke of a preacher, his ex and a vampire walk into a bar looking for God. 

Now, first up most folk know that I'm a God fearing Christian so, I'm sure most Christians are looking at me like, "how can you cosign this?" My reaction? First up is it's a comic (that did get picked up by AMC for a TV series directed by Seth Rogan) and so far I haven't read anything that disrespects God or Jesus. And second, I have a sense of humor. Back when the movie "Dogma" dropped, while the rest of the entire church world were calling for a ban, me and wifey were watching it cracking up laughing. Now, maybe I'll eventually get to an issue (or episode) that rubs me the wrong way and I'll have no problem deading it (the exact same way I've had to ask some MC's I've worked with to dead a lyric or verse if they said something about Jesus or God that rubbed me the wrong way) but for right now, I'm good money with Preacher and only time will tell if that changes.

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