Lady Tee Sings The Blues Mixtape

Posted On Monday, May 11, 2015

When it comes to Jada's infamous lines about him being top 5 dead or alive, you rarely get anyone beefing about it. And usually when we hear that claim, it's always dealing with hip hop. But when my homegirl asked me to put together a best of Teena Marie mix for her, as soon as I was done there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that this chick is top 5 dead or alive when it comes to female singers. Hell, if push came to shove she may be top 5 dead or alive of ALL singers! But neither here nor there, because all that really matters is that shorty was definitely one of my favorite singers who just happens to have one of the most beautifullest (shout to Murray for the word) voices EVER! And if by some ungodly chance she isn't one of your favorites, bet money that after you build with this mix for a minute...she will be. Salute.

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