Buy The Album When I Drop It: Dilla Time Beat Tape - Produced by Kil

Posted On Monday, February 7, 2022


Last Thursday I got the new book "Dilla Time" about my fave GOAT producer J Dilla and I won't hold ya'll...I can't remember the last time I've been THIS hype to read a book! Tee & Nay were in NYC for the weekend so I knew I had from Friday to Sunday to bang this out! The only problem was after every 20-30 pages I was got SOOOOOOOO inspired, I'd end up making a beat! I posted the first one I made Friday night & my guy Sko Nice  was like that would be a dope concept for a beat tape! To be honest I tdidn't think anything about it because I didn't think I'd be making anymore beats cause now I was REALLY gonna dive into this book! But 48 hours later, I'm taking Sko up on his advice cause now I have 6 beats that have all been cooked up after being inspired by reading about Dilla! So check out my newest beat tape (been a minute since I dropped one) "Dilla Time Beat Tape!" Trust me ya'll...these jawns are DOOOOOOOOOOPE!

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