Apt. 5B Podcast Hosted by Kil: Irreplaceable

Posted On Monday, April 12, 2021


For this week's ep of my podcast Apt. 5B I'm chopping it up with JR, Neltron, Easton, Mixx Messiah and T the Gawd about who would your replace _________________ with? So for example, in R&B groups when someone left the group, you would replace that person but 9 times outta 10 we don't do that in hip hop. So we're chopping it up about who would replace Malik B with? What about Large Professor with? (I know they replaced him with Mickey D but I never felt like that was a dope replacement) What about Puba when he left Brand Nubians? So we've got those and a RACK of others! Just another DOOOOOOOOOOPE ep ya'll and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube page & you can always check us out wherever you watch your fave podcast!

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