The Off The Top Podcast Hosted by Kil & Yaw Geez: Episode 1 featuring Tracey Lee

Posted On Monday, July 27, 2020

I met my bro Yaw a minute ago when my lil sis told me her homegirl's boyfriend rhymed. We ended up linking up in the Bronx one day, chopped it up & exchanged numbers and now fast forward 5 years we've linked a couple of times on the music side of things (I produced the intro "Good Morning" with his latest album "YAW (You're All Welcome)" and now we're setting off our new podcast "Off The Top." See, Yaw is one of the VERY few people who I can chop it up IN DEPTH about hip hop, hoops (everything from playground to the NBA & everything in between) and kicks. So since I get to chop it up about hip hop every week on my podcast but I never really get the chance to chop it up about hoops and kicks on the norm, I figured why not do a show together?

Now the whole premise of the show is on every ep, we'll have 3 questions for each about hip hop, one about hoops & one about kicks but neither one of us will know what the other is gonna ask so everything is "off the top!" For our premier ep, we've got the Illadelph legend Tracey Lee chopping it up with us about the 3 questions, breaking down why his new album "Glory" (dropping Friday July 31st exclusively on Patreon) is his most important album ever and he breaks down his infamous recording session with the late, great BIG for his song "Keep Your Hands High!"

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